Tim Henry, Principal

Tim became a solicitor in 2014 and quickly decided that Wills and Estates Law was his area of interest. He holds a Bachelor of Laws Degree with Second Class Honours from the Queensland University of Technology and a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Queensland. He has experience in every facet of Wills and Estates Law, whether it be preparing complex Wills, administering an estate, making an application for Probate of an unsigned Will, mediating to resolve estate disputes or attending trial for a Family Provision Application.

Tim started Henry Lawyers because he had seen too many cases where people received money they didn’t deserve from estates that couldn’t afford it. His mission is to inform the general public of the risks of estate litigation and to protect the legacies of the average Willmaker.

Tim takes a casual approach to get to know his clients before providing advice so that he can be interested and involved in their future. He is a firm believer that a good estate plan can only be achieved if your personal goals and needs are understood and appreciated.

Tim and his wife Kylie are the parents of three boys, so most of his spare time is spent playing with Lego, doing puzzles and watching cartoons. Tim likes to read, write and listen to music whenever possible.

Kylie Henry, Practice Manager

Kylie has over 10 years’ experience in office management. She will ensure your queries are answered, your documents are ready and your appointments are booked. Being the wife of the Principal, she is invested in the smooth running of the law firm and making sure clients are happy.

When Kylie isn’t working to better our business, she is working to ensure a good life for her family. Kylie also likes to read and listen to music.

We strive to protect the money you want to leave to your loved ones!

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